Posted July 12, 2011 by Samer H.
We just released a new version of the iPhone app today, and it's kind of a biggie so we're calling it version 2.0. We really hope you like it as much as we do, and want to point out some cool new features:

Custom Workouts
Oh, the sweetness! We see your requests for more workouts, and raise them to totally custom workouts. You simply dial in your objective (e.g. get toned), available time, and equipment, and we generate a custom workout for you to those specs. If you don't like it? Shake the phone and we'll whip up another. Once you keep the workout you can edit it, rename it, share it and so on just as if you'd made it yourself. As far as we know, Fleetly is the first to offer this.

And with a library of 250 exercises and growing, you won't get bored. Ever.

And if you don't know how to do an exercise in the workout? Oh right, there's instructions and a video for that.

You can tell us the type of body you're targeting, and also set a target Fitness Level and watch your progress towards it. This feeds back into the workout generator, as well as the workout Coach (below). We're going to be building a bunch more cool stuff on top of these goals as well, so stay tuned...

Workout Coach
So let's say you want to be leaner, or stronger, what are you supposed to do? Turn on the workout Coach, and it will advise you how many reps and what weight to use - even for exercises you've never done before - as well as setting cardio targets for workouts that have cardio in them. It really is like having a trainer with you, and you can choose any of three intensity settings, so the Coach won't beat you up unless you're feeling up to it.

The Coach uses a combination of professional trainer guidelines and collective intelligence to set these targets for you. Another first.

We made it waaay easier to post comments, check out the leaderboard, and browse challenges. The new people tab lets you keep tabs, so to speak, on everything that's going on. Now play nice, kids!

Well, those are the main things we wanted to let you know about. Go forth and download, and tell your friends. Seriously.

Hackers: Verily, we say unto thee: proceed henceforth to the API!
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