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We just crunched through a metric boatload of data from our iPhone app, to see when and how people work out using Fleetly. As luck would have it, they're working out for the weekend, which is a highly convenient excuse for this (recommended-ish listening while you read on, or for future deployment on

When people log something on the iPhone app, it gets timestamped with their local time. So our first task was simply to look at how many things people logged on each day.

Cue log items by day of week:
At first glance, maybe people are busy sleeping it off on the weekends? A distinct possibility but as any good DJ would tell you, the mix doesn't always stay the same.

For instance, the weekend warriors might be doing different things on the weekend. In that first chart, a set of bench presses counts as one log item just the same as a 10k run (even though one's a lot more work than the other), so we dug a little deeper.

Exhibit B: Total Output
This chart shows points earned by day. Our point system is semantic - you get points in proportion to how much work a given thing takes to do. So while those bench presses would get the same 1 log item as the run, they might only earn 1 point vs say 25 points for the run. And when we look at it this way, it's pretty clear that you all are up to something on the weekends.

So, these first two charts send us looking for something that gets you very sweaty with only a few entries, and that you like to do together on weekends. Oh dear.

Hopefully it has something to do with cardio vs strength?
This is pretty cool, and not only because it uses the official Fleetly color #FF6600. It says that people do more strength training (orange) during the week, and kick their cardio (blue) into high gear on the weekends, especially Sunday (which among other things is a popular long run day for marathon trainers).

(And thank you, Loverboy, for the perfect timing on chorus #1.)

So exactly how hard do these weekend warriors work it?
They kick it into bananas gear, with the average cardio intensity going up by over 30%. Hopefully the ER is close by, or at least the Baywatch retirement community.

And one more thing...time of day:
First, let's discuss the proceedings between 2am and 6am. Seriously, who are you people? Is this like one-armed urinal pushups? The (marginally nsfw) Jane Fonda? (Yeah, you can thank me for that one later.)

That said, it's pretty clear that people get more active as the day wears on, and that many of you may not have actual jobs. It's also the cold hard proof of what we all knew: you don't want to go the the gym at 7pm on a Tuesday. Assuming purity of motive, of course, and far be it from us to impugn yours.

So summing it all up, it appears that everyone is indeed working for the weekend - lifting heavy things during the week to support crazy cardio activities on the weekend. Well played, Loverboys and girls, well played indeed.

We look forward to your #workoutftw tweets, and emails comments.
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