Posted October 11, 2011 by Samer H.
Hi everyone,
With the great reception we received following our launch, I've noticed a number of challenges that were independently created by members of the Fleetly community. These were created by individuals who wanted to gather friends and participants for a little friendly competition. It's exciting for us to see this happen and is exactly the sort of social and supportive environment that Fleetly was created to enable. To mention four:
Workouts goal challenge
Many people tend to be either cardio people or lifting people. Relatively few do both with any regularity and intensity and that's a real shame. In my opinion you need to be active with both to be truly fit, and that's what makes this challenge awesome. It's also fairly tough - you have to lift your bodweight though various push and pull exercises 340 times and THEN do a 10k run. Do that sort of workout regularly and you will get fit, fast. I'm looking forward to seeing the Fitness Level changes in the 232 members who've joined.
Who can walk the most miles in 2011 and Walking goal challenge
We never knew how popular walking would be as an exercise and added it after several requests from members. Now two members have each created a walking challenge and 320 friends and friends-of-friends are participating, logging their walks and encouraging each other.
Where are my knees 30 day challenge
This is a cool challenge from the ladies at Where Are My Knees fitness blog, who simply wanted a way to track their progress and commitment to a 30-day weight loss and toning program by celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels.
We are grateful to our members who took the initiative in developing these challenges. If you are thinking of creating one but not quite sure how to set it up, please send an email to and I'll be happy to help.
Keep them coming!
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