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While Geoff continues to finish the database upgrade and get activities to sync fully with iPhones, and he's made a lot of progress with things almost back to normal, I'm going to tackle cleaning up some of our content.
As I mentioned in the Submit your exercise videos blog post, we're grateful to have so many people enriching the database with more exercises. The issue is that a lot of them do not have descriptions or images which means everyone except the exercise creator doesn't always know what the exercise is supposed to be, e.g. to my knowledge an "Iron Mike" has been used to describe an abdominal exercise similar to floor wipers, as well as a leg exercise similar to jumping lunges.
As mentioned in the earlier post, we are going to let anyone create a private exercise, but we will implement a submission process where exercises get vetted before they are made public. This has been added to our long to-do list, and we'll get round to it as soon as we can. In the mean time, I am going to clean up the database a bit so that only exercises with a clear (doesn't have to be long) description and a picture remain public. In this way everyone will still have access to their own custom exercises, but the general Fleetly public won't be confused. Do let me know if you've got an exercise to which you've added a picture and description that you'd like made public by emailing
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