Software Developer

Vancouver, BC

Fleetly is looking for a super-high horsepower, incredibly versatile, fun, self-starting, challenge-loving, engineering superstar to join our software team. We are building a web- and mobile-based application for fitness, it’s time for us to kick things into high gear by bringing on board additional engineers who can write killer code, and be an all-around force for good in our little corner of the internet.

This role will be based in Vancouver.

Technical details

  • Our site runs Django and MySQL, and is hosted on AWS. The front end, unsurprisingly, is HTML with jQuery.
  • Our first mobile app is for the iPhone; we also plan to ship an Android (and possibly RIM or Windows Mobile) app in the near future.
  • We run an agile development process. We do not believe in sys admins, and like to ship updates when they are ready. If that sounds good, then...


You should be really comfortable in front-end web programming and at least one high-level programming language, preferably including Python or Objective-C (ideally you’ve shipped apps in both). Beyond that, we need a serious engineer who can handle projects in languages s/he is less familiar with. We are looking for big brains to join us, and are less interested in years of experience than raw intelligence, people skills, and abilities. Most likely the right person has been doing serious coding for at least a few years outside of school, but we would consider anyone with 2 or 3 to 20 years of professional experience.

Also: you’ve run a triathlon, or bike a lot, go to the gym, or are otherwise gung-ho about fitness. This isn’t a jock-y operation, but Fleetly is about fitness and it’s important that that’s import to you.

About Fleetly

Fleetly is brand new! Our small size notwithstanding, we are a professionally managed business with big aspirations.

More about Fleetly.

Philosophical musings

  • You need to live code.
  • We are not interested in psychotically evangelistic technology snobs. We are evangelistic and snobby about not being evangelistic and snobby.
  • We believe in Customer Development, and so should you.
  • Team players, please! And no taking yourself too seriously...


Interested? Send us an email at